Independent Testing Laboratory

Put Us to the Test!

TesTech is certified laboratory technicians and geologists have the sponsorship of in-house professional registered engineers at all times. Our laboratory, at a minimum, meets the requirements of the following:

Current Certifying Agencies

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • American Association of State Highway & AMRL
  • Transportation Officials (AASHTO) CCRL
  • Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
    • Soils & Aggregate Quarry Prequals, Geotechnical Services
  • Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
    • Geotechnical Engineering Services; Portland
    • Cement Concrete Inspection & Testing Services
    • Density Inspection and Testing
  • Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
    • Geotechnical Engineering Services
    • Geotechnical Drilling and Testing Services
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC)
    • Geotechnical Engineering Services
    • Geotechnical Drilling Services
    • Geotechnical Lab Testing Services

Laboratory Certifications/Accreditations

  • AASHTO R18
    • Establishing and implementing a quality system for CMT Laboratories
  • ASTM C1077
    • Practice for laboratories testing concrete and concrete aggregates for use in construction and criteria for laboratory evaluation
  • ASTM D3666
    • Minimum requirements for agencies testing and inspecting bituminous paving materials
  • ASTM D3740
    • Evaluation of agencies engaged in the testing and/or inspection of soil and rock as used in engineering design and construction
  • ASTM E329
    • Agencies engaged in testing & inspection of materials used in construction

S/D/MBE Certifications

  • SDB - U.S. Small Business Administration
  • MBE
    • Ohio Department of Administrative Services
    • The Ohio Turnpike Commission
    • City of Dayton, Ohio
    • City of ColumbusOhio
    • City of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • DEDE (Dayton Public Schools, Dayton, Ohio)
  • LEDE (Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio)