Ecological Services

Wetlands and Ecological Services

TesTech is one of the only consulting firms in the area that has an entire departmental staff devoted solely to servicing wetland and ecological issues, which is why TesTech has performed more mitigation projects than any other firm in Ohio.

In addition, TesTech employs professionally trained staff in the delineation and wetland creation practices and standards utilized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

TesTech conducts waters determinations in accordance with Army Corps of Engineers
federal regulations and applicable state and local jurisdictions. Waters determinations include a site reconnaissance by a wetland specialist, wetland delineation, stream evaluation, and submission
of information to the regulatory authorities.
The determination results in a jurisdictional determination (JD) concurrence letter required for site development permitting. When necessary, TesTech also obtains water quality permits pursuant to the Clean Water Act of 1972
(e.g.. Section 401 and 404 water quality permits). Additionally, TesTech is experienced in performing wetland mitigation, including creation, restoration, and monitoring.

Ecological services may also involve endangered species evaluation and coordination with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, river restoration, and soil bioengineering applications.

Our Services include:

  • Waters Determinations
  • Wetland Delineation & Evaluation
  • Stream Quality Habitat Evaluation
  • Obtaining Jurisdictional Determinations
  • State Water Quality Permitting in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky
  • Federal Water Quality Permitting
    (i.e. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Wetland Creation and Restoration
  • Mitigation Monitoring
  • Stream Mitigation and Restoration
  • Soil Bioengineering
  • Coordinating Compliance with the
    Endangered Species Act