Phase I Environmental Assessment (ASTM-1527)
The purpose of the Phase I Assessment is to evaluate the site for the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions. TesTech's services will be provided in accordance with ASTM Phase I Environmental Assessment (E 1527-00) standards. Preliminary evaluations can include non-ASTM scope issues such as the following: archeological, flood hazard, wetlands, asbestos, radon and lead paint.

Phase II Environmental Assessment
A Phase II Assessment may be required to evaluate the presence and extent of contamination. This is accom- plished through surface sampling, soil or ground water sampling via soil borings and temporary monitoring well installation, or suspected hazardous material sampling.

Lead Paint Inspection/Risk Assessment
Lead was a significant component of many types of paint used in construction, and continues to be used as a colorant and rust inhibitor where no suitable substitute can be found. TesTech provides bulk sampling and lead investigations by a multi-state certified Lead Evaluation Specialist.

Site Characterization Studies
The site characterization will vary in scope depending on site and contaminant conditions. This may include groundwater quality studies and sampling, monitor well installation, and contaminant plume delineation.

Asbestos Surveys
Federal Regulations have systematically controlled or banned asbestos in construction materials since 1971, but an asbestos-free building cannot be guaranteed without a thorough building survey. TesTech provides bulk sampling and asbestos investigations by a multi-state certified Asbestos Evaluation Specialist

Radon Surveys
The EPA Indoor Air Quality Department recommends that structures be checked for radon concentration levels. TesTech provides radon level measurements by a State of Ohio Certified Radon Inspector.

Real Estate Transaction Screen (ASTM-1528)
The purpose of a Transaction Screen is to evaluate an undeveloped site for the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions.


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